Marketing Strategy in the World of COVID-19

May 14, 2020

Sudden market changes present business opportunities. During this time of crisis, companies have been forced to restructure and review all parts of the business to determine which things are actually essential. This can be a daunting task, especially facing potentially lowered profits and the unpleasant task of making cuts. For those hard decisions though, a […]

Supporting Customers Through A Remote Workforce

March 31, 2020

Throughout the US, and globally, we are experiencing unprecedented business and economic challenges. Critical decisions must be made about managing our companies, people, and how to best serve our customers. As teams shift to remote status and companies possibly face difficult staffing changes, opportunities remain available to increase efficiency and access for clients. If a […]

Build Leads With LinkedIn Sales Navigator

March 19, 2020

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great way to provide a lead generation tool to your team at an affordable cost. At just under a thousand dollars per year for a single user license, or $1600/yr for a team license, it’s a great value for all the information you get access to. Here are 3 ways […]

Join Brian Hart for a Printing Sustainability Lunch & Learn

January 13, 2020

You’re Invited! SGP, Sustainable Green Printing Partnership, is hosting a printing sustainability lunch & learn at the REI Flagship store on January 15, 2020, led by Brian Hart of Hart Consulting Services. Printing companies, SGP members, and their guests, are encouraged to attend this lunch time discussion on the importance of sustainable printing. SGP is a […]

A look at PRINTING United 2019

November 19, 2019

The well-known SGIA Expo gave way to the birth of a new larger show this year, PRINTING United, debuting in Dallas, October 23-25, 2019. The SGIA Expo had previously focused the show on large format printing and graphics. As Printing United, SGIA expanded the scope to include commercial offset printing, including in-plant and packaging markets, […]

PRINTING United: The latest trends and why to attend in 2019

September 05, 2019

This year at PRINTING United the community around large format printing is expanding. Observing the evolving market, this looks to be the first of many expansions of attendees and exhibitors. The trend we see at HCS, is owners are looking for new revenue opportunities through vertical integration of fabrication, expanding into the ever-growing experiential environments […]

Enhance Inbound Lead Generation Through Form-Fills

August 07, 2019

While form-fills may seem like a barrier to higher traffic, they can actually improve your overall inbound lead generation. Gated content is a common occurrence in inbound marketing; an individual gives up personal information through an online form in exchange for access to content of value. That content might be a video, article, tool kits, […]

2019 Marketing Strategy: A 3-Prong Approach

July 24, 2019

Is your 2019 marketing strategy cutting through the digital noise? Finding the best practice to reach customers is an ever-changing battlefield in the marketing world. Not only do communication methods and preferred channels evolve, but also which metrics are the most valuable. This 3-prong approach can help organize your 2019 marketing strategy and improve your […]

Is omnichannel marketing really dead?

July 09, 2019

Just when the omnichannel approach has solidified itself as the regularly used and accepted goal for marketing strategists, an article in Forbes, by Steve Dennis, pops up declaring it passé. The tile declares “Omnichannel is dead. The future is harmonized retail.” He has some interesting points, but it’s also important not to get lost in […]

Diversification through PSP partnerships

June 17, 2019

At first glance, the article “Wide-Format for Transactional Printers? It’s Not as Crazy as It Sounds!” might be somewhat alarming to a large (or wide) format PSP. As the market is evolving PSPs are looking for new ways to differentiate their offering in the marketplace, a crowded space even before you have transactional printers diversifying […]