December 1, 2018

Re: Testimonial of HCS Engagement

To Whom It May Concern:

We’ve had a productive and rewarding working relationship with Hart Consulting Services. We engaged their services shortly after I accepted the Chief Strategy Officer position at Firebolt in 2018. Although I was new to Firebolt, I knew Brian and his HCS team from my experience in the signs and graphics industry and recruited them to help develop and deliver a comprehensive marketing strategy. Their scope of work began with analyzing our current workflow, to make sure our marketing efforts would tie into our salesforce accounts and be accessible to our sales team. We then began a multifaceted approach that included web updates, video production, blogging, outbound email campaigns, and additional collateral materials. Because HCS has a diverse team of professionals, that allowed us to hire just one company to perform:

· Consulting services

· Salesforce Integration

· Web, Brochure, and Collateral design

· Video Production

· Project Management

· Outbound Marketing, including content creation and analytics

· Web Development and Maintenance

· Blog Content

· GDPR consultation and compliance

In addition to their nimble ability to take on a wide variety of tasks, they were also excellent in communicating with the various members of our team to keep us, and our delivery schedule, on track. When developing content for our outbound marketing, because of HCS’s in-depth industry knowledge, they were invaluable in crafting the right message, and getting it to the right audience and the data list we provided and cleansed.

Mid-year we acquired the company Envisage, and we enlisted HCS to cover marketing for both companies, as well developing co-branding strategy and messaging. They worked seamlessly with the executives and team members in both companies to aid in a smooth transition, promote the brands, and boost engagement.

I would recommend HCS to any company needing to develop or boost their marketing efforts. They have demonstrated their ability to adapt and cater to a wide variety of deliverables, as well as providing analysis of the resulting engagement through Act-On and Salesforce tie-ins. They were able to solve our problems of refreshing the brand, announce our products and services to our client base, and set us up for continued success as we take over our marketing internally going forward.

The entire engagement was 16 months, and well worth the investment. We wholeheartedly recommend Hart Consulting Services to others.

Pat Meredith

Chief Strategy Officer, Firebolt Group

Testimonial – Envisage Engagement Technologies

December 1, 2018

Re: Hart Consulting Services Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern:

When Envisage was acquired by Firebolt Group in 2018, we immediately started working hand in hand with the team at Hart Consulting Services. HCS jumped onboard to handle the transition messaging as we merged our brands and services with Firebolt. They worked with our team to develop a marketing strategy that covered blogging, outbound email marketing, and sales lead analysis, integrating Act-On data with Salesforce. This allowed us better lead tracking and follow up with engaged parties from our outbound marketing. Their team was able to adapt to our needs, and work with different internal team members to keep us on track, and make sure we delivered our message in the optimal manner, with the right timing, to the most promising leads.

Because HCS is composed of a team of seven professionals with a range of specialties, they were able to provide assets and collateral materials where we needed them, while working smoothly with our while working smoothly with our team members and executives team members. As our needs and strategies shifted during this transitional time, HCS was able to adapt and redirect while offering industry insight for best practices and solutions. They provided an array of compelling content, including email messaging, brochure copy and design, web page content, and development, infographics, and blog posts.

Another benefit of working with HCS is their project management skills. They were able to keep us moving forward to stay on track, to meet the goals of our marketing plan. They also tracked data for each piece of outgoing marketing, making sure our sales team could access leads, and we could optimize the performance of future deliverables. This attention to detail was an incredible asset in setting our team up for success.

It was a pleasure working with them over the course of our engagement; they provided an excellent foundation for our team to continue the marketing strategy they developed. I highly recommend HCS as an invaluable marketing asset that provides comprehensive messaging and engagement solutions.

John Bush


Envisage Engagement Technologies