Establishing a B2B prospect list for your business is an essential step towards building new leads. The best way to determine prospects is to identify the key market segments you are servicing through your current and past client accounts. This process of reviewing your clients is also valuable for identifying success stories and potential case studies that showcase your business. Additionally, you may discover missing market segments that are worth focusing on in the future. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the fastest and affordable ways to start identifying new targets and build new lead lists.

Building with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a valuable tool for discovering new leads and creating outreach lists. You can look up an existing company, find similar companies to that profile, and set up searches that yield similar results. This can include filters such as geography, company size, and keywords. You can also target the right people in those companies by searching job titles and seniority. 

Building Network Connections

Once you discover new leads that fit your target profile, you can start outreach to the right people in the right departments. These connections are a great way to find new opportunities while building your network. It’s important as you build new connections to stay engaged on LinkedIn and post from both your company page and personal LinkedIn account. Make sure you have shareable content, industry insights, and success stories to nurture the new connections that you make. 

Take Advantage of External Resources

Building and nurturing prospect lists with compelling content is a rewarding but time-consuming process. Our mission is to help companies thrive by developing focused marketing strategies, targeted messaging and engaging content, even during these challenging times. HCS works hand in hand with your marketing team to maximize lead building success. Let’s get started!

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