Every week I hear from businesses that want to figure out how to grow, even in face of the current economic climate. My response is to ask, have you done the basics to plot a course for that come back? You have to face the fact that change is necessary to succeed. It cannot be done the same way you have in the past. Consider:

  • – Have you taken a hard look at your segments of business that create revenue? Are they all strong enough to survive in the current environment? 
  • – Have you gathered your leaders internally to determine a revised value proposition appropriate to the current conditions? 
  • – Have you consulted your top 10-20 customer accounts to inquire how they are doing and what they currently need from a supplier? 
  • – What thought leadership can your business offer your market?

Starting Points

Are you using customer data to communicate directly with your current customers? Chances are your data is not up-to-date or is accurate invoicing accounts, but not reaching key decision makers. You may also need to restructure your client-facing team members; be ready.

Have you done a forecast for your top 20 accounts? Most business revenue falls within the 80/20 rule, where 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your clients. Use the last two years as a guide while adjusting for the current economic times. Don’t include short term COVID-19 PPE revenue in this forecast.

If you have made it through the last year, you should already have a good idea about what your essential offerings are. 

What’s Next

Answer the above questions to work through the challenge your business is facing. Then connect with us and we’ll discuss the basics you need to put in place to grow. Our mission is to help companies thrive by developing focused marketing strategies, targeted messaging and engaging content, even during these challenging times. 

Brian Hart 


Hart Consulting Services 

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