Sudden market changes present business opportunities. During this time of crisis, companies have been forced to restructure and review all parts of the business to determine which things are actually essential. This can be a daunting task, especially facing potentially lowered profits and the unpleasant task of making cuts. For those hard decisions though, a business can come out stronger on the other side if they have a good strategy in place.

For Hart Consulting Services (HCS), one of our major decisions was addressing the relationship with our marketing automation platform (MAP). The legacy service we use requires a 12-month contract, which was quickly becoming untenable in the face of current market upheaval. We had been passing that contract length onto our clients, entering them into the same long-term commitment. Switching all of our clients out of the current MAP is a major restructuring to how we deliver marketing and requires a complete overhaul of years of marketing automation. But with the new system, we can offer our clients shorter term lengths and more customized marketing packages to fit their budgets. This shift taking place in June, while difficult, will be a benefit to both ourselves and our clients going forward.

There is always give and take in a restructuring, and it is hard to move away from the familiar to the unknown. This is why it can take a major push to implement big changes. For HCS, switching from long contracts to pay as you go allows our services to fit better in the world we live in today. Our business is now recalibrated to focus on smaller scopes of work and shorter commitments to better fit the needs of our clients and allow us to stay nimble. We use direct invoicing with consistent rates to facilitate predictable marketing budgeting, making us a great choice for companies in flux.

Our primary functions include:

  • Strategy
  • Employee Development
  • Outbound Email Marketing
  • Collateral Content Development
  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Web Maintenance
  • New Hiring


We are ready to assist businesses reopening or announcing changes in a completely customized way. Whether you need resumes from great prospects or communication strategy to reach your customers through new channels, we can help you navigate company changes and emerge stronger than ever.

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