LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great way to provide a lead generation tool to your team at an affordable cost. At just under a thousand dollars per year for a single user license, or $1600/yr for a team license, it’s a great value for all the information you get access to. Here are 3 ways to use Sales Navigator to your advantage.

Grow Audience and Connections

Control your path as a thought leader in your field by having access to thousands of targeted potential connections. The search engine can be as broad or targeted as desired. You control building your connections by using strategic persona profiles based on market research.

Market Research

Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator as a strategic tool to see visibility into new markets. Once you build a search persona it is a great jumping off place to do additional research into the field. The ability to quickly and easily search your target market as well as look into new vertical markets for prospecting is a valuable resource.

Lead Generation

Sales Navigator is built to connect with leads generated by your custom searches directly, but you can build up lists to use with your MAP (Marketing Automation Program). This gives you ultimate flexibility to start communication with your prospects either on a personal one-to-one basis or with outbound email messaging.

Whether you put the time in to cultivate your own new leads or engage us to work in the system on your behalf, we recommend Sales Navigator as a great tool for both audience and lead growth.

LinkedIn offers a one-month free trial, what are you waiting for?