Is your 2019 marketing strategy cutting through the digital noise? Finding the best practice to reach customers is an ever-changing battlefield in the marketing world. Not only do communication methods and preferred channels evolve, but also which metrics are the most valuable. This 3-prong approach can help organize your 2019 marketing strategy and improve your reach.

Outbound Marketing

Data is the name of the game in outbound email marketing strategy. The quality of the contact lists directly correlates with the number of impressions, leads, and sales. But even for customers who aren’t immediately converted into sales, outbound marketing still plays an important role in name recognition and brand familiarity. When consumers take to google, it’s important that they have a positive and familiar feeling when they see your brand. Email campaigns are the most direct outbound method of reaching prospects, but these additional channels can also generate positive impressions:

  • -Trade ads
  • -Tradeshows
  • -Out of Home advertising
  • -Vehicle graphics
  • -Social media ads
  • -Social media posts



Once a consumer decides to buy and starts searching for the right point of purchase, your brand has to be findable for those leads and impressions to pay off. All of your different marketing channels should be filtered through an SEO strategic lens. Are you creating cross links, using the right keywords, and monitoring traffic metrics? These are some of the tools that will help increase your brand visibility:

  • -Effective website architecture and functionality for site indexing
  • -Webpage keywords and meta descriptions
  • -Paid search (Google Ads)
  • -Remarketing
  • -Competitive analysis and metrics


Content Creation

The key to a successful inbound 2019 marketing strategy is compelling content that rewards the customer for visiting your site. It’s important to create not just an impression, but a positiveimpression of your brand. If a consumer gives up their info in a form-fill to access your content, was it worth it to them? Video is the gold standard when it comes to engaging content, but there are several one-to-many interfacing content options to choose from:

  • -Video
  • -Company presentations
  • -Vertical Market focused brochures
  • -Case Studies
  • -Customer Spotlights
  • -Success Stories
  • -Press Releases

When this 3-prong approach works together to form a harmonized marketing strategy, you boost customer engagement, building brand trust and customer loyalty. We would love to discuss your 2019 marketing strategy and solutions with you further! Send us a message today, or visit our content marketing page to learn more.