With the large format printing marketplace evolving at a rapid pace, it’s all the more important to have an industry reading list to keep in touch with the latest trends and industry developments. Print Service Providers (PSPs) are more and more frequently diversifying their offerings to gain a competitive edge. From design and software services to event support and installation, there are countless ways PSPs have found to bring in additional revenue and support their clients.

In this PSP industry reading list, we put together not just a number of great resources for large format printing news, but also resources for key industries that present opportunities for PSPs. Retail, interior décor, and food & beverage are all key categories to keep an eye on industry trends. In this manner PSPs can be better prepared to solve problems and offer solutions for a wide range of clients.

We encourage you to continue building out your reading list for the industries that are most relevant to your business, but we hope ours gives you a good foundation to start from.

Download our reading list here.