With major changes on the horizon for SGIA, this was an exciting year to attend their Congress of Committees. SGIA has always been at the forefront of promoting new printing technologies and diversification within the industry. They embraced the digital revolution early on and have been championing expansion into new diverse markets ever since. To better focus attention on this new convergence of technologies and blending of markets, SGIA has created PRINTING United, a brand-new trade show for 2019.

PRINTING United is all about diversification. Not only does it cover the need printers face to expand the products and services they offer, but it addresses how these new opportunities for growth create competition in the field, and how to adapt to these market changes. Education is a huge part of the trade show, as essential as the new products and technologies. As we discussed the future of SGIA at Congress, I was encouraged to see many new faces, and wider diversity among attendees than ever before. With PRINTING United being co-produced by NAPCO Media, it will be exciting to see new focus on commercial, packaging, and in-plant printing markets.

This month I also attended EFI Connect, another inspiring conference filled with keynote speeches by industry experts, collaborative discussions and networking. One of the main themes this year was embracing new technology and rethinking ways to enhance workflow and productivity. Like SGIA, the idea of challenging the traditional method of business was at the forefront.

For a quick look at these conferences, watch this short video I created from my recent attendance. Trade shows and conferences are a great way to track industry trends and generate ideas – I recommend the upcoming PRINTING United as a great venue to tap into the changing market and discover new opportunities.

Brian Hart
Principal, Hart Consulting Services