As the average age of the business developer keeps increasing, it is more important than ever to recruit new talent into the print industry. In a low unemployment economy, recruiting can be more of a challenge. However, this is essential to maintain a competitive edge and ensure the longevity of the business.

The traditional manner of conducting business and finding new partners has long been rooted in phone calls, lunches, and entertainment. While there is still value in this personal approach, a shift from this model can help relate to and attract new talent. Marketing is not just for selling products to customers, it can also be the best manner to reach a younger generation that primarily functions in digital communication. Exploring new paths of communication can be key, not only in finding new employees and partners, but also to open up new revenue paths and customer opportunities.

When looking at marketing your business for recruitment, it is important to present your business, its goals, and what makes your particular setting or offering unique. Developing a voice that represents your company, and content that showcases what sets you apart, can give you a significant advantage amongst your peers. This foundation also sets the stage for customer marketing as well. Following these steps to address the need for new talent, eases the transition into digital marketing, an arena often overlooked by smaller graphics and printing companies. Best practices include a marketing mix of Google ads, outbound messaging, and social media engagement, with a focus on creating valuable and relevant content for the right target audiences.

Once you have attracted a few promising candidates, there is still room for the more traditional face to face interactions. Bridging the gap between the old and new approach is the best way to usher your company and people into the future and ensure their continued success.

Brian Hart

Principal, Hart Consulting Services