The graphic communications industry is far-reaching and touches many people’s lives on a day-to-day basis. It is also a very competitive industry so it’s imperative to either set or stay ahead of trends. With that intense pressure, discovering new a process is key.

Our job at Hart Consulting Services is to help our clients do just that. The latest trend we are forecasting is called productization and the more I investigate productization, the more I feel like it is an essential choice for our industry to consider and ultimately deploy.As we conducted our due diligence, we discovered an author who has written a book that outlines what productization is and how to implement it.

In Eisha Armstrong’s book Productization she outlines a process she developed for product managers to productize financial SAAS products but what immediately jumped out to me was that her process provides a valuable framework for our industry.One passage in Armstrong’s book hit home for me: “Look for expense problems to solve.”  You may wonder “how can I afford to change in these uncertain economic times?”Most sales or business development teams follow the 80/20 rule: 80% of revenue comes from 20% of the team that excels. Consider an edit to your underperforming sales team and invest in productization.

So, what’s stopping you from considering a disruptive pathway by implementing productization?

The benefits are so great to consider, especially if you can fund first-year activity with a sharp edit to underperforming sales teams.

As we see it, productization can be the process that takes your business to the next level. With this, I have established a series of executive presentations that can be consumed in 2 hours or less. We have developed the first presentation and it is available to all who inquire for free. The series will launch on October 1 and we are preselling the series for $99.00 before October 1 and the launch price, after October 1 will be $199.00. Plus, the purchase of Eisha Anderson’s book Productization, and the download of the many tools she supplies with the purchase of the book.

Visit our site to see all of our offerings, click here Productization.

As I just completed another Print United Economy Forecast Survey I wonder when we will take ownership of developing products that will build a roadmap to a hybrid revenue stream. Imagine a day when 20 to 25% of your revenue is prepaid, from products your team has innovated and are selling directly, producing one at a time, maybe even personalizing or customizing the content with automation.

Make it a reality.

Productization provides the pathway to the hybrid roadmap that makes your firm competitive for the future!

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